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The Parkhurst Certified Photo Consignment Program


Parkhurst Galleries Inc. is proud to present the Parkhurst Certified Photo Consignment Program, as simple, effective and safe way to sell your Violet Parkhurst artwork.


How does a photo consignment work?

Parkhurst Galleries will assist you in selling your Violet Parkhurst artwork.   Photographs of your piece will be displayed in a portfolio available to clients in  the Gallery, as well as our dealer network.  

What is the benefit of consigning with Parkhurst Galleries?

Parkhurst Galleries, founded by Violet Parkhurst over 50 years ago, is today considered the foremost authority and dealer of Violet Parkhurst paintings worldwide.  We receive inquiries from Parkhurst collectors from all over the world for originals and limited editions.  

What is the cost of the photo consignment program?

It is a onetime fee of $125.00.  This fee entitles you to have your piece included in our photo consignment portfolio at the Gallery until it sells.  You can also remove your piece from the portfolio any time you wish. Please note that fees are subject to change.

Will you need to take possession of my Parkhurst piece in order to sell it?

No. That is the beauty of this program; you get to retain your piece while it is on consignment.  Because we do not keep paintings in-house, there is no insurance cost for storing your painting while it is offered for sale.   This helps keep costs down and allows us to offer this service to you at a lower price.

Can I consign, show or sell my piece elsewhere at the same time?

Yes.  Our consignment process is nonexclusive.  You are free to consign your piece for sale anywhere else you wish at the same time your piece is in the Parkhurst Photo Consignment Program.  We simply ask that you notify us should your piece sell through another venue, so we can update our portfolio. 

What is the commission of selling my piece?

If an offer is received on your piece, you have two options:


Option 1:  Zero (0%) percent commission.  We will contact you once a potential buyer makes an offer and pass you their contact information.  The Gallery will then step out of the process allowing you to complete the transaction directly with the buyer.


Option 2:  Twenty (20%) percent commission.  Choosing this option the Gallery will act like as both agent and escrow.  We help you and the buyer find a mutually agreeable price.  The Gallery will then handle the exchange of art and payment.  This option is typically preferred when a high dollar work is being sold, or the buyer is out of state.  The Gallery will also assist the seller in verifying the buyer’s funds and providing the buyer with peace of mind by inspecting and verifying the art before the exchange.

Should I appraise my piece first?

Yes.  The first step to consigning your Parkhurst artwork with us to have it appraised to determine its current value.  You can learn more about obtaining a Parkhurst Certified Appraisal by visiting the Appraisal section or calling (310) 547-3158.   

Should I have my piece cleaned and/ or restored before selling it?

The condition of your Parkhurst painting is a vital factor in determining its value.  With any collectable (coins, automobiles, watches etc.) an “excellent” rating versus a “poor” rating can substantially impact value.  Therefore, the Gallery recommends having your painting cleaned and maintained regularly to retain its condition and appeal, especially prior to consigning your piece.  You can learn more about restoring your piece by visiting the Restoration section or calling us at (310) 547-3158.

How do I get started in the photo consignment program?

Once your piece has been Appraised, simply contact the Gallery at (310) 547-3158 and request to be included in the photo consignment program. You will need to pay the onetime $125.00 fee.  The photos submitted and taken during the appraisal process will be used in the consignment portfolio.    



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