parkhurst certified appraisal

What is the value of my original Parkhurst painting?
How much should I insure it for?
What if I lost the paperwork for my piece?
How can I preserve the value of my panting?
How do I sell my painting?

The Parkhurst Certified Appraisal program is designed to specifically address these commonly asked questions.

Whether you recently purchased your original Parkhurst painting, or have enjoyed it for years, each Appraisal, issued, dated and certified by Parkhurst Galleries, Inc. is custom tailored for your piece. The Parkhurst Certified Appraisal provides more than just the approximate market value for your artwork*. In appraising your piece we consider: condition of the work, subject matter and composition, rarity, period of creation, current market demand, provenance and numerous other factors influencing the value of your piece.

The final appraisal includes a: 1) certification of ownership, 2) condition report, 3) description of your piece including date of creation, dimensions and medium, 4) appraisal process and methodology and 5) approximate market value based on over 19 criteria. The Parkhurst Certified Appraisal document replaces lost Certificates of Authenticity and is also designed to fulfill requirements for most major insurance companies.

Included with each Appraisal is a Complementary Inspection of your painting by our trained curators (requires physical inspection of your piece at Parkhurst Galleries), covering how you can improve or preserve the value and condition of your Parkhurst original painting.

Though we can appraise your piece using photos, we do recommend bringing the piece to the Gallery. 

To begin the appraisal process you can use the form below, or call us at 310-547-3158.


Step 1: Tell us about you and your painting

step 2: email us pictures

instructions for photos

-Photograph your painting outdoors in natural sunlight
-Include photos of: 1) full font, 2) close-up of artist signature, and 3) full back of canvas.
-Include photos of additional markings, writing, or damage.
-Include photos of any original documentation (certificates of authenticity, receipts etc.)

Email all photos to
(please include you name in the subject line)

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