Painting Restoration

Keeping your investment grade fine art in pristine condition is the best way to maintain its value and maximize its appreciation potential.

Restoration itself is an art. Here at Parkhurst Galleries we specialize in cleaning, restoring and maintaining original Violet Parkhurst paintings and have restored hundreds of Violet’s original works.

To make sure our clients have the very best possible service and experience we use proven, time-tested techniques to clean and restore your painting. 

Our cleaning solutions are pH balanced and specifically matched to the exact materials Violet used to create your particular piece. Since her paint, medium, canvas and varnish varied widely through her 60-year career, determining what materials she used on your specific painting is critical. That is why we develop a customized action plan for each painting. 

Once the painting has been cleaned we assess whether the painting needs any “touch-up”. We address any chips, spots, tears, dents etc. in the canvas at this time. Only if absolutely necessary will we retouch the painting -since preserving the complete authenticity of the piece is our highest priority. Should retouching be necessary we are proud to employ two artist that are considered experts on Violet’s painting style.

Once finished, the piece is again sealed with varnish. The varnish serves two purposes: 1) to enhance the pigments in the original paint making the painting more vibrant and colorful, and 2) to protect the painting by keeping the paint from prematurely drying and/or cracking (or to prevent further cracking of the paint). Where possible we use the original varnish Violet herself used, matched to the period of the piece.

Restoring a painting generally takes from 8 to 12 weeks. However, we will not release any piece until we are confident the painting has dried sufficiently and is for safe transport.

Rest assured that Parkhurst Galleries will take every measure to restore your Parkhurst painting to its original grandeur and preserve your painting for future generations to enjoy.

For more information on having your Parkhurst painting restored please contact us at (310) 547-3158 or